The Best Of 82


In May 1982 I began putting together regular mixes for Mike Shaft’s Piccadilly Radio Soul Show, ‘T.C.O.B’ (Taking Care Of Business). The original mixes were as live, but as the year went on I began to utilise edits to a greater extent, using the station’s editing booths to try out some basic ideas. By the end of the year I’d bought my own equipment, so I could make the mixes from home, including two Technics SL1200 turntables and a Revox B77 reel-to-reel. Apart from allowing me to master the mixes and, of course, experiment further with editing, the simple dub effects on the mix were done via the Revox (which, as I’ve previously said elsewhere, was the best piece of equipment I ever bought).

Listening back to ‘The Best Of 82’, the first end of year mix broadcast by the station, I can’t help but cringe at the naivety of it, not to mention the general sloppiness! However, when this went out over the airwaves in December 1982 it would become part of local radio folklore. At the time you’d have thought I’d created a masterpiece judging from all the acclaim it received! It probably took me about 2-3 hours to put together, which, at that point, would have been the longest amount of time I’d ever spent on a mix, and it included 52 different tracks, some of which were just brief snippets.

All of the tracks, as the title suggests, were major floorfillers at my venues during 1982. Apart from Wigan Pier and Legend in Manchester, which hosted the North’s top black music nights of the period, I also had two other successful weekly sessions during the second half of ’82 – Thursday nights at The Stars Bar in Huddersfield and Fridays at The Exit in Manchester. Apart from this I made guest appearances at the top All-Dayer events in the North and Midlands.

Copied from the original ¼” master, ‘The Best Of ‘82’ was one of the few mixes I managed to salvage from Piccadilly. However, due to damage at the end of the tape I had to fade-out before the final track.

We ran a competition asking listeners to name the records featured, both title and artist, and although a couple of people got close, only one, Mazul Edey of Collyhurst in Manchester, named them all correctly. She received 52 12” singles (no rubbish either!) as her well deserved prize.

Greg Wilson – Home Studio Feb 82

1. STONE girl I like the way that you move
4. DR JECKYLL & MR HYDE genius of love
5. THE SUGARHILL GANG the lover in you
6. P-FUNK ALL STARS hydraulic pump pt III
8. S.O.S BAND high hopes
9. B.B.C.S & A BAND rock shock
10. B.T (BRENDA TAYLOR) you can’t have your cake and eat it too
11. WILLIE HUTCH in and out
12. MYSTIC MERLIN mr magician
13. HOWARD JOHNSON so fine
14. VICKI D this beat is mine
15. LINDA TAYLOR you and me just started
16. INDEEP last night a dj saved my life
17. PATRICE RUSHEN forget me nots
18. EXTRA T’s e.t boogie
19. XAVIER work that sucker to death
20. WHODINI magic’s wand
21. RAW SILK do it to the music
22. SHARON BROWN I specialize in love
23. PATRICE RUSHEN number one
24. ROCKERS REVENGE walking on sunshine
25. LARRY GRAHAM sooner or later
26. EDDIE MURPHY boogie in your butt
27. ONENESS OF JUJU every way but loose
28. GOLDIE ALEXANDER show you my love
29. Q the voice of q
30. WARP 9 nunk
31. TYRONE BRUNSON the smurf
32. EVELYN KING love come down
33. GWEN GUTHRIE it should’ve been you
34. THE SYSTEM it’s passion
35. SHARRON REDD beat the street
36. D TRAIN you’re the one for me
37. SINNAMON thanks to you
38. PEECH BOYS don’t make me wait
39. ELECTRIK FUNK on a journey (I sing the funk electric)
40. STONE time
41. SECRET WEAPON must be the music – mastermix
42. AL McCALL hard times
43. ELECTRA feels good
44. RAFAEL CAMERON boogie’s gonna get ya
45. MIKE & BRENDA SUTTON don’t let go of me (grip my hips and move)
46. KLIEN AND MBO dirty talk
47. ATLANTIS keep on movin’ and groovin’
48. STONE girl I like the way that you move
49. THE JONZUN CREW pack jam
51. PLANET PATROL rock at your own risk
52. TOUCHDOWN ease your mind – us mix


Blues and Soul poll award 1982

© Greg Wilson, 2007

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