A truly unique mix, I love it
Dr. Mostafa Farid, Cairo

This mix is the perfect New Year party mix!!! Brilliant musical repertoire and combinations. Should be considered for best Essential Mix of 2009. Cheers!
Marc from Taichung city / Taiwan

Got a couple of Greg Wilsons mixes from back in the day,had the pleasure of seeing him dj a few times too,this mix is just class;)
Can’t believe no one’s sent a message yet. What a phenomenal mix – and overdue respect to a true pioneer.
New Zealand

normally a dnb head but was havin a browse and came across this beauty !! nice man nice 🙂
Slim – Darwen (Home of the Brave, Land of the Free)

Takes me back to the early 80’s – unbelievable selection of music, great mix! Good to see EM reaching back credit to Soul weekenders and all-nighters for setting the scene for clubbing as it is now…
Jon G. – Atlanta USA

Mix of the year 2009? 😉
joao, lisbon

absolutely brilliant mix. definitely a keeper! what a fun mix to listen to – lovely little gems all mixed and mashed. kept not only my attention, but my head bobbing and face smiling. cheers mr wilson, long overdue! much respect.
matt – chattanooga, tn, usa

Wow. Pure quality. Up there with the Goa Mix.
Nick, Manchester.

Great, haven’t listened for a while so got the laptop out on sunday and listened to your session. Great, great, great, even the hubby kept coming in to see what tune was next!! will listen more often.
Lisa , Blackpool

Absolute banger of a mix, saw him play earlier in the night at grammophone in London, really good night called Udio, The man really knows how to make the room move. The mix shows his massively unique knowledge of the late 70’s and 80’s dance scene, a real pleasure to listen to
Norm , High Why-come

The man is a legend. Absolutely brilliant. Never disappoints.
Leftover in Brighton

I really, really like those freshly squeezed funki tunes…bringing back a lot of shaking memories 8)
johan jacobz Belgium

Ace mix, great start to 2009!Keep it up BBC!
Rob – Stratford

mike, sheffield

Aaaalriiight!! And we have — — a serious contender for EM of the year (already!). I’m not often moved to comment but that was superb! I’d never even heard of Greg but when I checked him out on discogs (Street Sounds UK Electro, Ruthless Rap Assassins, mixes of Kym Mazelle, Yello, damn) I realised this was one to check. And what a trip it was. Highlights? Illusion vs Work It; Human League; Apache! (Yeah!)
James, Leicester

Essential Mix of the DECADE…nuff said on the matter
Justin Wiggy, City of Hull

A real legend in dance a great mix king of the edits
Phil Manchester

cant believe by just flicking for my kids on the radio1 site for the charts…ye i know but,i saw Greg Wilsons name on a link 2 the dance pages….Well the rest is history…was a bit young 4 his early stuff but had tapes??? ye tapes of him on the 1S n 2s….just caused amassive row in our house …dancin on ice….me thinks not….Quality keep it up …Greg is like the marco pierre white of dance music lol…x
gazza burnley

Electro-funk at its finest! You can’t have your cake and eat it too…..i think Greg could!
Paul – Sheffield

fantastic, where’s he playing next?
ali london

Brilliant – can’t forget your roots. So many damn fine tracks over such an awesome era. This one def overdue…
Mark B – Stockholm

It’s been a long time coming, so only fitting that it was an absolutely timeless mix!!! Counting down the days to his performance at SoSho in February and dreaming of the day he DJs at my wedding, which with him involved will reach “of the century” status!!!!!
Chris – London

Fantastic! A large dollop of Balearic-Disco-Soul-Funk!!! A strong contender for Essential Mix of the year I think. Just what the doctor ordered, uplifting music to put a smile on ya face 🙂
Paul – York

Saw Greg at Melting Pot in Glasgow a while ago and he absolutely blew the place apart – glad to see him getting some (long overdue) recognition!
Moog, Glasgow

Sort yourselves out… Wigan Pier is a book written by George Orwell. The legendary club was Wigan Casino! Tch, can’t get the staff these days!
Freerange, Lancashire

Love to hear Norman Jay or Juan Atkins.
glen, phoenix

Spent so many great nights in the late 70s early 80s dancing to Gregs mixes so many good times.So good to hear and feel it again.All the best Greg.Keep it up…
Simon the Wirral


Class mix. Wicked tracks. What more can I say other than I’m glad you’re back Greg.
michel, Portugal

mix brilliant got to be a part 2
alan———–bromley kent

this. mix. is. amazing.
Lasse Stockholm

“Two sides of Sympathy” is genius – reminiscent of 2 Many DJs’ mash up of 10cc / Destiny’s / Dolly / Royksopp
Dan, Beeston

Mastercraftsman.Simply a work of pure unadulterate genius.Can you get him back for next week Pete ?
Brian , Dublin

WWWOOO! it took me back to the good old 80’s, wicked old skool mix,we don’t get to hear enough of the classics in the EM, the public need to be educated, more old skool DJ’s please Radio 1. Thank god for Radio 1 and the internet that I can listen to good music thousands of miles away in the middle of no where, it doesn’t look right, people are looking at me strangely but it sounds great!!!!
Abdul – Pakistan

P, Ireland

I can’t stand this new wave electro and house, it makes a refreshing change to hear some old school house and funk on the essential mix.CRACKING MIX, keep it up!!!
Dave, Birmingham

What a fantastic mix and choice of tunes, i have really enjoyed it, im so glad Greg is back doing his thing! It gives me the feel good factor, thanks for the funk Greg!!!
Darren Cee – Portsmouth

This is the best Essential mix i’ve heard since LTJ Bukem back in 95, Absolutely stunning ! Nice 1 Greg
Pico Bristol

Tidy. Likin this a lot
Chef_De_Party Edinburgh

So, Greg Wilson, eh?Perfect. Best EM for a very long time indeed.
Johnny, Norwich

What a huge mix from Greg Wilson. Very impressive, that’s a DJ. Good job Mr Wilson.
Maxime (Biarritz, France)

heard mr wilson last year at big chill fest and he blew me away and now he has just done it again the man is a genius!!!!
billy north london

A refeshing break from all that is minimal or trance. Fresh and funky and he proves, he’s still got it!
Satnam from Blackburn

Wow! sing along classic after sing along classic. This mix really was long overdue and Greg Wilson is that man for the unpretentious disco party rocking.Win
G Ballz

Nice one Greg. Well done for showing the kids what it’s all about. Long overdue!
Jake, london

Best essential mix ever. Period.
2tall Leeds

I think we have already found a contender for Essential Mix of the year for 2009. Greg is a legend especially up here in the North. This mix just sums up everything Greg has always done from day one and its just an awesome mix, can’t say more than that!
Stuart, Bolton

It’s outstanding… just a great history lesson but in a really contemporary way. EVERYONE should check out this set:-)
Stuey Dean Melbourne

best mix in years
david joseph

best mix you’ve had for years. PROPER MUSICnot just for 20 year old Ket freaksyou’ll get us 30 somethings back from radio 2 if you carry on like this….
the real world
about time!!!!
timmer b’ton

best mix since dj harveys 1999 essential mix…………….spot on!!!!!!!!!!!!!
colin obrien glasgow

Job well done, at last an essential mix that will be a timeless classic. What an opening track!
Dillon, Dublin

i have been lucky enough to receive a few mixes greg has done at various festivals and venues since his return and he delivers here once again. Unique re-edits, some comercaily available, some not but all quality. Check out the 20 20 vision comp he has done.wicked!
stevie diamond

this mix is awesome…proper tunes spanning 30 yrs
scott ilkeston

james paterson

This mix is pure awesomeness!Best essential in years!Thank you Greg!
Hombul, Finland

wow pure magic please never stop
all of kent & mark & co

very cool mix…prob not mosts style,but none the less he shows his class and shares his history in music…choosing great tunes from years and years..the original dj decks man…keep the faith….soul power…
spenny lincs

Loved it Loved it Loved it. Had an online party with face book friends all listening this morning. Very very good vibes
TC Merseyside

I absolutely love this mix. I’m funking away at my desk. really really great.
D. London


I listen every week, usually whilst trying to work on my PhD on a Saturday, and was completely blown away by Mr. Greg Wilson’s mix this week. What a legend!!! What a mix! And what a show. God bless Radio 1.
Dan Rogger, London

Lovin the mix Seen greg for the 1st time at club :habit in newcastle and was blown away
Lloyd from Newcastle

Amazing Mix, Proper Music, none of this new prefabricated britney rubbish! The mix is a big lesson for all DJ’s (ref content) and education of music for those that dont know tracks from that time. Excellent Mix. Enjoy.
DJRP – Bristol

How did it take this long do get Greg on!? Sheer class! Well done EM. Can we hope this is a return to the light side and away form teh bleepy rubbish we’ve had to endure recently which tries to suck the soul out of music (Jesse Rose anyone? Urgh). Keep it soulful. Can we pleeease have Kenny Carpenter mix?
Fletch, Peckham

dirty funky filthy house muzik as it shud be thank u pete x
damien d belfast

Leg- end….Need I say any more..
Anthony, Leeds, West Yorkshire

A masterclass in what it is to be a DJ, this could possibly be the greatest essential mix ever!!
Simon, Bournemouth


Ruben, amsterdam

excelent, one of the best essential mix ever!!!!
Juraj, peterborough

I Thought Greg Wilson Essential Mix Was Good & I liked It When He Played Old Music
Timothy Wright Cheshire

simply amazing, i loooovvve it 🙂
Prince Of Persia (Nijmegen)


wow, Essential Mix of 2009 already. Greg is a legend this is the best collection of records put together by a human being ever. Greg, We Salute You!!!

Replenishing the soul of a burnt out luddite.
The Scourge Resistant (Dank Down Dweller)

there is a god and greg you are it.the greatest dj in this country and simply the greatest essential mix ever.we should all hang up our cans now,as the summit has been reached.thanks greg,manchester still loves you.
Brett Smithson

wow greg wilson, what can i say, just wish i got the words to express how good that mix was, i could listen to mixes like this every week. i was listening to this in my truck and i couldnt wait to log into radio 1 when i got home and listen to you mix again. thanks
chris stoke-on-trent

A great achievement and milestone for an individual staying true to the vibe……awesome…..You ‘can’ have your cake and eat it too!!
Neil Meekin – North Wales Scouse contingent

absolutely brilliant. word

Greg is a true inspiration. Amazing music immaculately put together as ever.He rocked at Gramaphone last night as well.2 doses of the man in one night, I have been truly spoilt. Just what the doctor ordered for a cold January.
James – London

Awesome mix from Mr Wilson as always; good work Greg. This totally encapsulates the last five years of Greg’s career and anyone who has heard him play will understand this.I’ve only listened to the mix once but something tells me this may turn out to be my favourite mix of 2009.Can’t wait to get him back to Nottingham. I’ve learnt a lot from this guy, including how to avoid Sea Urchins.
Nick Shaw (Basement Boogaloo) Nottingham

Wow!!! Some classics on there…… loved it, so different!!
Simon Leeds

wow this is some mix————–tracklisting mind blowing——————-how about a part 2 sometime—–excellent mix greg
dj les london

Been waiting on this one for a few weeks!! Well worth the wait….
Aaron – Indianapolis

Greg, will you DJ at my wedding in October.. PLEASE? We budgeted $600 for a DJ but I reckon I can ditch the food, chair covers, candles in the middle of the table and ceiling drapes to free up some cash. I’ll even chuck in a steak meal….
Scott Paterson

one of the best mixes ive heard on here in a while.perfect to get the terrace going on a nice evening
lee – miami

Fantastic mix – good to see this type of music getting some airplay on Radio 1. Great choice of DJ
Stephen, London

Just superb. I enjoyed it so much. The ES is a wicked format for a show and I love your policy of showcasing all styles, but this is simply my favourite. A lesson in how it’s done.
Simon UK

The Essential Mix seems to be on a bit of a roll at the moment. End of last year we had the wonderfully experimental Flying Lotus and the ever dependable Slam boys, this year we’ve had an incredibly fresh mix from Jesse Rose, and, well, what can I say about this Greg Wilson mix? Utter brilliance – a pleasant change from the DJs who seem to think they can just turn up, play the same 10 tunes as every other DJ along with a few of their own cuts and remixes, and they’ve somehow done themselves and the spirit of the Essential Mix justice. Greg Wilson take a bow – that’s now 2 contenders for EM of the year already – AND IT’S STILL JANUARY! Bring on Josh Wink and Mr Scruff. A+++
Ed, Devon

Outstanding musical journey, cant wait to see him at k4 in ljubljana on valentines weekend (13.02)…
Fedja IntoSomethinG

greatest mix i have heard in a very long time,god bless him!

As I sit here trying to do research reading for a dissertation,I am blown away by the sheer track selection and the programming of this mix. Thank god my dissertation is related to the discographies of dance/electronic music as this is not only a distraction but an education.
Gary Coventry

lot of my faves plus great re-edits. Congrats Mr Wilson. Great to see the Essential Mix head in this direction.
Mike – Toronto

stunning mix, a true pro on the top of his game.
Martyn, Manchester

great stuff hats off Greg,Pete and Radio 1.. better late than never!70mins into the mix the masterclass steps up gear wow!!Been an Ess mix fan for almost 20 years and still loving the show, remember the Arches with Sasha in Nov 95?? : P
Irish Johnny, Madrid

Utterly brilliant!!!
Favouritizm, Brighton

One of best EM in awhile. Word!
Dj Cookie, Leicester

This is one of the best essential mixes EVER.
Darren, London

AWWWWESOME, I have listened to this every day whilst tapping away at my laptop, but within 10 mins I am dancing at my desk. Reminds me sooo much of grooving in the Bar of my B2Bs / Pleasure Room days.
Clare, Herts

This mix is shocking!! – not a fan at all. sorry!
fred – blackpool

Best essential mix ever.
Louis – Den Haag

Total class.. brings back memorys of the 80s in Machester … master class
DWF North Yorkshire

Amazing mix. I love this musiccccc
Kash, Oslo

Been rinsed in the car over the last two days…it had me punchin the air and getting funny looks off other drivers….i’ll be seriously digging the racks of wax for this week futurebeat show, thank you Greg for the inspiration. On another note – The Human League – Dare, has got to be one of the greatest albums to come outa this country.
The strange one – Leicester UK

Best Essential Mix Ever.
Chris Wang – Vancouver

have been hearing quite a few over the last year and mr.wilson has won my legs away and it’s a working day. salute to the the funk soul brother…
srikant malladi, mumbai, india

I never comment on these EMs… but I just have to say this is the best mix this station has ever seen… period. =)
jer, seattle

Been listening and collecting Essential Mixes for nearly a decade… This is in my top five. Up with Sasha’s ‘Ableton Live!’ effort and the live mixes from Ibiza in 2006. Awesome to work to, drive to, walk home to. Fantastic.
Colin – Loughborough

Stephen Houston, TX

Transports you back to a different time and place – fantastic
Neil Glasgow

best essential mix ever…nuff said!
moritz, hamburg (germany)

I am speechless, I am without speech!Pure Class!
Marcus, Gothenburg

Well what did you expect,top top essie mix,up ther with andy smiths 1995 mix,we salute you mr wilson ,long live the north…….

one word: GREAT!!!!!!

Absolutely phenomenal!!! No other words can describe!!
Dave – Cambs

Brilliant.Flying Lotus Essential Mix 2008.Greg Wilson Essential Mix 2009 (Quite Possibly! Although i see Scruff is coming up! Cannot wait for that one.)

Fan of mr.w’s skils since his e l e c t r o guest mix on Mike Shafts T.C.O.B show…. that’l be back in 1982 then ! Also the odd night at ledgend and all dayers at Wigan Pier ….Keep on Funkin Greg 😉
Ian Manchester

Never heard Radio 1 sound so good 😉
Bobby Mac from Bristol

Amazing amazing amazing.The use of Sound Levels really impressed me & Mr. Wilson used the first hour to make the second sound amnazing.Makes me wanna get back into D.j’ing again.
King Darren of Aigburth, Liverpool

I had opportunity to see he in action in São Paulo and he is a great dj!
Bruno – São Paulo/Brazil


First time I’ve listened through an essential mix in ages. If Greg had his own show on BBC radio I for one would definitely be tuning in on a regular basis. Top guy, great tunes.. Keep on Greg.
Ricky (Üdio)

you have to put this essential mix on a double cd and sell it. people look to the future without remembering the past greg wilson points this out on this triumphant essential mix.

Best mix since David Holmes. Unbelievable!
Jim Midlands

Incredible mix. Great selections. Thanks for the chunes. And Greg, please come to Seoul!
at a crappy job, Seoul, South Korea

A breath of fresh air. A really solid mix fom a true legend of the dance scene. Old school flavours which provided the gateway for hip hop, house and beyond. Just when you thought the soul and funk sound of the 70’s couldn’t be topped, pioneers like this man and his contempories from across the pond in NYC gave us records and originality once again. Thank you! 🙂
Paul…Burnley, Lancashire

An inspiration, Top DJ, sticking to the roots with a contemporary twist. Experience defined for all to hear.
Maxwell (Sheffield)

This has to be one of the finest EM’s ive ever heard . A MASTERCLASS INDEED . Greg has captured exactly how a club set should sound , blending familiar & rare titles effortlessly and always keeping it funky . The mans a genius and he should definitely be asked to return for pt2 during 2009 . get it sorted Tongy !!
steve andrews … global

WoW! As Pete said, a very long overdue Essential Mix for a legend in dance music here in the UK, and beyond. I’ve got several mixes from Greg and they are all brilliant, go check out his electrofunkroots website… This mix is a definite contender for EM of 2009. Big up Greg Wilson!
Mark J – SSRadio

far out! brilliant so refreshing so good for the soul – enjoy the lil unexpected ones like Dc La Rue ‘Cathedrals’ (GW Edit) – Disco Deviance / DJ Only what a gem. . . nice cheers maestro
spence on the gold coast australia

wow what a fantastic mix. love Greg’s about time we had a mix like this on many timeless tracks that are over 20 years old.its about time that we had a dj with history on the essential mix,i think people are getting bored with dj’s playing new tracks that are easy to get over the internet anyway.10 out of 10…
Gary J Wrexham

Massive mix Greg 😉
Social Disco Club

A great mix from one of the best party DJ’s in the world. I dont think I can say much more than what has already been said in these comments. You can find more Greg mixes and articles on the Cosmic Boogie website which Greg is a part of. Have a Baileys son.
Disco Stu – Liverpool

Angelo Leone Milano (Italy)

by far the best essential mix ever. a shame that we will never be able to buy all those brilliant edits by the man himself. amzing!
moritz, hamburg (germany)

Absolutely Stunning!
Kel sweeney London

One of the best Essential mixes i have ever heard, awesome stuff Mr Wilson
Rob Durham

I am sooooo glad we can listen on the real player again. I stopped listening to the show when I player came out, it never works!WHAT A MIX!
Tommo – The Couch!

a genius !!!!impecable choice and mixing. boogie tune bonanza. EM of the decade
peter london

Excellent. The End.
Rob, Bombay
Nice one Greg… Had the pleasure of catching GW dj a few times now…always all-round aceness! This mix contains some stone cold classics, some contemporary disco workouts and some really creative re-edits… it has most of my all time favourite tracks!… I’m running superlatives here…if you’ve not listened already…give it a whirl…if you like music with soul, integrity, fun and a whole lotta funk you won’t be disappointed!More of this please Mr Tong! and less lifeless, boring minimal /tech stuff…get Harvey back or Todd Terje or Maurice Fulton or Rub n’ Tug…etc etc etc!
LS manchester

Top mix by a legend! Respect!
Justin London
In years to come we’ll be talking about this as a Classic Essential Mix…. Thank
you Greg Wilson and Radio 1… listened to it 4 times since Friday and it keeps getting better!
Finlay, Edinburgh

Nice mix from a true pioneer. Superb selection indeed!
Mark Mancuso – London

Amazing Amazing Amazing !!!!!!!!!Saw him at Boogaloo in Nottingham a couple of years ago and he made me fall over a table full of drinks I was dancing so hard….Essential Mixes should be all made like this…(And he’s a nice chap to boot)

Chris Sims – Nottingham
OUTSTANDING……Now thats what you call proper music. Long live the oldschool.
Craigo .Torbay. UK

absolutely brilliant mix!!
Claude Lyons, Christchurch Dorset

Excellent mix for this working week.I’ve played 2 times till now, while I’m into all these documents.TNX mate
Filip Popovski – Skopje, Macedonia


Amazing mix.. Really love all those oldskool disco/funk classics..put together extremly well!Hope to see Greg play again at the southport weekender!
Lenny, The Netherlands

Don’t usually listen to EM but when I heard that Greg Wilson was on I tuned in. I remember Greg breaking Electro in the early 80’s with Hashim’s Al-Naafiysh, Planet rock etc. This guy is what other DJ’s should aspire to be – skillful, respected and brilliant.

proper music on R1. the godfather shows us how AGAIN

Ridiculous… bangin! I recently saw Greg spin near my place in NYC at Santo’s Party House with his reel to reel tape and it was absolutely insane… he killed it. See him live if you can.
Rico Martinez, New York City

Another Renaissance Man surfaces serving brilliant selections. Almost brought me to tears with my eyes closed reminiscing about when i first HEARD some of these gems. 10s across the board baby.
Raven Fox, Obama Country

Was lucky enough to see Greg spin in Hollywood this past October. He was fantastic live and he’s fantastic here again!
Fernando- Los Angeles

More of this por favor! Less of the bleepy garbage – house music with soul all the way.

Happenin man top dj lad ***** 😉

I’ll look forward to hearing this mix again, in roughly 50 weeks time for the EM of ’09. Truely astonishing. Never thought such music could be worked in such a way, and in this day and age. Progressive dance and drum and bass freak I am, and yet I would put this on my stereo system for 2 hours over that! A true legend ladies and gentlemen.
Tom Sheffield

one word ‘GENIUS’
damian lee

A lot of thought and love, pure class! Thanks Sir Wilson
kelly from birmingham

Took the cake and ate it too! Fantastic, congrats Greg, thank you Radio 1!
Matty J – Hackney London

Greg, you took me down to love town baby!! Fresh as funk!!
Gavin – Stoke-on-Trent

Don Greg The Gran.Still the Best for me.Take Care.Z.
Barna Soundmachine. Barcelona.

Aw yeah. Seen Greg at the Subby last year and he was outstanding. Nice to hear someone with some skills on the e.mix again. Been a long time.
sksh1 ayrshire

instant classic! here’s a dj who can connect the dots. hopefully not his last EM.
Deco, NYC

Mr Wilson again smashes it and shows us true music in it’s best form. All Hail Greg Wilson
Patrick – South London

OUTSTANDING… last,something for the music connoisseur……the best mix ever !where can i buy this mix ?
Andy Baker Wirral

Been a fan of mr.w’s skilz sinse the days of the Sunday afternoon e l e c t r o mix on Mike Shafts TCOB…..that’l be 1982 🙂 also caught him couple of times at Wigan Pier and Legend……. THE MAN IS A LEGEND !
ian manchester

That was amazing, simply AMAZING! What a dude.
Stonefish, Southend On Sea

Had the pleasure of seeing Greg at Habit on Boxing Day and he ripped the place to bits. A true pioneer.
Jarvis – Newcastle

sheer class!!!
martin dublin

Masterclass by a legend,we want more
Martin-Waterford Eire

Awesome! Can I use expletives?! B@£$@£$ f@£%@% £%@ *** *** @££@@££@ amazing mix!!
Wilhelm Von Jones (Cardiff)

Stayed in and up till 3am for this on Saturday morning… Loved every minute of it!My fav track has to be ‘Last Rhythm’ as it brought back loads of memories from my early rave days, so much that I danced around my bedroom like a loon and woke me mum up (with a bottle of her tia maria in hand and headphones on). Keep up the good work Greg! x
Leo (Disco Outcasts, Manchester)

The BEST – as always…!!
Gina, Brighton

Ariel – Argentina (Ciudad Jardin)

wow!!! just looked through all the comments and no bad ones at all gotta be a record,looking forward to checking this out have heard of greg but never heard any of his mixes but anything that includes ‘fools gold’ has gotta be good,cheers bbc1 nad greg!

Just coming up to my 20th Year as a DJ and rarely have I heard such a quality selection… Splendid!!!
DJ Dave Gray – Original Garage Nation Resident

One of the best Essential mixes i have heard yet! Why did this man stop playing! Up there with Steve Lawler back in 2003!
Mark -Cambridge UK

pretty good
michael, sheffield

Just when I thought only Tom Middleton could identify and blend the best music, regardless of genre and age, Greg Wilson turns up to prove me wrong. Can’t believe GW’s been mixing for so long and I’ve only just heard one of his sets! As you say Tongy – massively overdue Essential Mix. Awesome stuff. Love it.
Nizm, Niztopia

nothing overly spectacular

Listened in Beijing…..Spacefunk excellence!!!
Beds – Wolves

…never,ever,seen so many positive comments on this page…pete,note well,there’s a wealth of us who want quality music,not just spot on mixing of minimal/tech/electro -houseKeep the faith x !
Ade Birmingham

Worlds biggest decks? Actually how big are these decks, are they in the guinness book of records?
Fenn, Bristol

Awesome selection and re-edits – long overdue mix – played it 3 times today!
Ben Logan – London

I doubt there may an Essential Mix better than this EVER.If only the likes of Larry Levan and Mel Cheren were still around to hear this – if Radio 1 has another Classic Essential Mix series later this year, they’ve got to play this.The edits of “I Want Your Love,” “Superstition” and “Machine Gun” are nothing sort of first class with some electro and early house in for good measure.Totally flawless – full stop.
David Campbell, Linwood, Scotland

job done…!
kevin salisbury

Awesome mixAlmost as good as Stevie B at Mad Hatters Ascot lol
Jon in Scotland

Great, loved it.. Get Norman Jay on the decks please.
steve Windsor

funkaliciously groovy!!!!
Aaron Okinawa Japan

Pure Genius, Love those sounds.. Great work 🙂
Joe, London

take note kids this is the real deal. this is a djs dj. hats off mr wilson thank you for the music. jus reminising in my own little world right now supersition playin….
simon uk

As Pete said a long long overdue dj to grace the decks for an essential mix.Greg as always delivers an awesome mix in his inimitable and unique style. A contemporary blend of everything from electro funk and disco to deep tech house visiting 80s pop and indie along the way.Gunchback Boogie Band – Funn into the GW edit of Ain’t No Body is truly incredible…Please ‘don’t make me wait’ too long for another [excuse the Peech Boy’s pun]Pezz
Pezz – 3 Beat Liverpool

greg wilson is THE DON! cant wait to see him at audio farm on the 26th february at moho live, manchester!!not sure why no one else has posted…if you put up some wobbly basslines you’ll have people ravin on about it like its the best thing to happen to music….nice to greg gettin thsi slot at last.
matt – manchester

Superb mix – best one since David Holmes’ – nice one Greg!
Paul Budd – Brighton