Greg Wilson’s Top 10 Floorfillers Oct ’83

Compiled from his record lists of the time

As played at Wigan Pier, Legend (Manchester) & The Hacienda (Manchester).

Listen to the full rundown here:

1. (-) Curtis Hairston ‘I Want You (All Tonight)’
Written by G. Radford
Produced by G. Radford
Mixed by John Morales & Sergio Munzibai
US Pretty Pearl 12”



2. (8) Gary’s Gang ‘Makin’ Music’ (Dub Mix)
Written by E. Matthew
Produced & Mixed by Eric Matthew
US Radar 12”




3.(-) Radiance Featuring Andrea Stone ‘You’re My Number 1’
Written by W. R. Bryant / A. Stone / L. Stewart
Produced by Ware Productions
Mixed by John Morales & Sergio Munzibai
US Are ‘N Be 12”



4. (10) The B Boys ‘Two, Three, Break’
Written by V. Davis
Produced by Vincent Davis
Mixed by Mark Mandelbaum & Vincent Davis
US Vintertainment 12”



5. (-) Leroy Burgess ‘Heartbreaker’
Written by L. Burgess & S.Davenport
Produced by Leroy Burgess
Mixed by Shep Pettibone
US Salsoul 12”



6. (-) Grandmaster & Melle Mel ‘White Lines (Don’t Don’t Do It)’
Written by Melvin Glover & Sylvia Robinson
Produced by Sylvia Robinson / Melle Mel / Joey Robinson, Jr.
Engineered & Mixed by E.T. Thorngren & Sylvia Robinson
US Sugarhill 12”



7. (-) Tom Browne ‘Rockin’ Radio’
Written by Maurice Starr & Michael Jonzun
Produced by Maurice Starr
Co-Produced by Michael Jonzun
US Arista 12”



8. (3) Capt. Rock ‘The Return Of Capt. Rock (Instrumental)
Written by T. Aleem / T. Aleem / Dre Jeckyll & Mr Hyde
Produced by The Fantasic Aleema
US Nia 12”




9. (-) Arkade Funk ‘Search And Destroy’
Written by R. Reed / T. Fisher / J.Avery
Produced by Trouble Funk
US D.E.T.T. 12”




10. (-) Major Harris ‘All My Life’
Written by Goodman & Drummond
Produced by Lawrence Goodman
Mixed by Nick Martinelli & David Todd
US Pop Art 12”



Other big tunes this month:

Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five ‘The Adventures Of Grandmaster Flash On The Reels Of Steel’ 12” oldie – G.L.O.B.E. & Whiz Kid ‘Play That Beat Mr DJ’ 12” – Captain Rapp ‘Bad Times (I Can’t Stand It)’ 12” – Dimples D ‘Marley Marl’s Sucker Dub’ 12” – X-Ray Connection ‘Replay’ 12” – Hot Streak ‘Body Work’ (Instrumental) 12” – Kevie Kev (Wayerbed Kev) ‘All Night Long (Waterbed)’ 12” – Twilight 22 ‘Electric Kingdom (Instrumental Dub) – Richie Scott ‘Breaker’ 12” – Quando Quango ‘Love Tempo’ (Remix) 12” – K-9 Corp ‘Dog Talk’ 12” –” Stockingcap ‘Wave Craze’ 12”


A fascinating insight on how the fading Jazz-Funk scene gave way to the emerging Electro-Funk movement in the early 80s, ‘Greg Wilson’s Early 80s Floorfillers’, marks the 30th anniversary of when these tracks first appeared. Compiled from his record lists of the time, and unfolding month by month, Greg Wilson counts down the Top 10 Floorfillers played at his venues during the key years of ’82 and ’83. Featured, most notably, on his Tuesday sessions at Wigan Pier and Wednesday gatherings at Legend in Manchester, the most cutting-edge weekly black music nights of the era, these were the clubs most associated with the evolving Electro-Funk sound.

The majority of music played on the black scene in the UK was initially only available on import, mainly out of New York during this period, with the club nights described as ‘upfront’, meaning that the DJ’s were way ahead of the curve – what they played now, others played later, or not at all. Without these DJ’s, many now classic dance tracks would never have become UK hits (many without enjoying similar crossover success in the US) – the reason they were released here in the first place was because these specialist DJ’s were breaking them via the underground.

Things would change in a big way during those 2 years; we were entering the hybrid age for dance music, and the oncoming House and Techno and Hip Hop directions would all owe a huge debt to this era of dance alchemy and groove experimentation.

© Greg Wilson, October 2013

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