Greg Wilson Introduces Electrospective

At Islington Mill, Salford, 30.08.08

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Hello everybody and welcome to Electrospective. Firstly thanks. It’s fantastic that we’ve got so many people down so early on. It’s mad to see all these faces that I haven’t seen for years! Great to have you all with us.

The whole point of the event is to draw attention to the pre-Rave period. A lot of people in Manchester assume that it all started in ‘88, ‘89 with the dance explosion at The Haçienda, and the House scene. That was a fantastic era and what happened there was really special. But there was a lot that happened beforehand. Basically going back to the 60s there has been a rich dance culture in Manchester, it goes back to the Twisted Wheel and from the black side, places like The New Reno in Moss Side which opened in 1967. The particular period that we are looking at today and that were interested in is ’82 to ’88. The period where music started changing and taking on an electronic dimension. The electro music that came through from 1982 with tracks like ‘Planet Rock’ by Africa Bambaataa and The Soul Sonic Force here and that moved on into the Techno and the House music that came, and also, of course, the Hip Hop. The whole scene started to change at that point and what was happening in Manchester on the black scene, in clubs like Berlin, The Gallery, Legends and The Playpen, that was where the foundation was laid for it. But if you go into the history books it’s very rare that you see these things mentioned. The DJs that we’ve got here today that we’re going to talk to all played a very influential role in that. Again, sadly not mentioned anything like enough with regards to the history. Later on in the day, as a centrepiece to the event we are going to be showing Tim Forde’s film ‘The Birth Of The British B Boy’, which basically looks back on his experience with the breakdance crew Broken Glass from 1983 onwards, and how things started from there. Also, other great Manchester breakdance crew are in effect tonight – in full effect; Street Machine, they are down with us and so later on hopefully they’ll be busting some moves on the floor for us.

I’d like to thank Manchester District Archive for staging this event, it was their idea to put this on and it’s a fantastic thing to be involved with.

Electrospective at Islington Mill (Click image to enlarge)

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Electrospective Production Team:

Abigail Ward (MDMA)
Alison Surtees (CRIS & MDMA)
Dan Smith (Northern Groove)
Dave Rofe (MDMA)
Gecko (Graffitti Artist)
Greg Wilson (Electrofunkroots)
Mark Carlin (Islington Mill)
Mat Norman (MDMA)
Shaun Clarke (Camera & Sound Engineer)
Tim Forde (The Birth Of The British B Boy)
Wendy Green (Girl Friday)

© Greg Wilson, 2012

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