1982 Floorfillers Review

The Year’s Biggest Records, Labels, Producers & Remixers

Compiled from Greg Wilson’s record lists of the time, based on dancefloor reaction at Wigan Pier and Legend (Manchester), plus The Exit (Manchester), The Stars Bar (Huddersfield) and Rotters (Liverpool). All monthly top 10’s, which are also available to stream / download as individual podcasts, can be found in the Record Lists section.


1. Rockers Revenge Featuring Donnie Calvin ‘Walking On Sunshine’
Written by Eddy Grant
Produced & Arranged by Arthur Baker. Mixed by John ‘Jellybean’ Benitez & Arthur Baker
US Streetwise 12”

2. Sinnamon ‘Thanks To You’ (Instrumental / Fierce Reprise)
Written by E. Matthew / D.Payne / K. Diamond)
Produced by Darryl Payne & Eric Matthew. Mixed by Shep Pettibone
US Becket 12”

3. Extra T’s ‘E.T. Boogie’ (Instrumental)
Written by H. Stone & F. Stonewall
Produced by F.H.L. Productions
US Sunnyview 12”

4. D Train ‘You’re The One For Me’ (Instrumental)
Written by Hubert Eaves III / J. Williams
Produced by Hubert Eaves III. Mixed by François Kevorkian & Hubert Eaves III
US Prelude 12”

5. Whodini ‘Magic’s Wand’ (Special Extended Mix)
Written by Thomas Dolby / J. Hutchins / J. Rivas
Produced by Thomas Dolby. Mixed by Tee Scott
US Jive 12”

6. Electrik Funk ‘On A Journey (I Sing The Funk Electric)’ (Instrumental)
Written by E. Matthew / M. Watson
Produced & Mixed by Eric Matthew & Darryl Payne
US Prelude 12”

7. Mystic Merlin ‘Mr Magician’
From LP ‘Full Moon’
Written by Jerry Anderson. Produced by Alan Abrahams
US Capitol LP

8. Oneness Of Juju ‘Every Way But Loose’
Written by Plunky Nkabinde
Produced by Plunky & Muzi Nkabinde
US Sutra 12”

9. Electra ‘Feels Good (Carrots & Beets)’ (Instrumental)
Written by F. Falsini / T. Butler
Produced by Franco Falsini & Sergio Cossa
US Emergency 12”

10. Lesette Wilson ‘Caveman Boogie’
From LP ‘Now That I’ve Got Your Attention’
Written by Lesette Wilson. Produced by Lesette Wilson
US Headfirst

11. Goldie Alexander ‘Show You My Love’
Written by Kat Dyson, Remixed by Roy B
Produced by Tony Green
US Chaz Ro 12”

12. Sharon Redd ‘Beat The Street’ (Instrumental Remix)
Written by E. Matthew / D. Payne
Produced by Eric Matthew & Darryl Payne. Mixed by François Kevorkian
US Prelude 12”

13. Stone ‘Time’ (Instrumental)
Written by Auvil Gilchrist / Daniel Terry
Produced by Auvil Gilchrist. Mixed by Tee Scott
US West End 12”

14. Larry Graham ‘Sooner Or Later’ (Instrumental)
Written by L. Graham
Produced by Larry Graham
US Warner Bros. 12”

15. The Temptations Featuring Rick James ‘Standing On The Top’
From LP ‘Reunion’
Written by Rick James. Produced & Arranged by Rick James
US Gordy

16. P Funk All Stars ‘Hydraulic Pump Pt III’
Written by George Clinton / Sylvester Stewart / Jimmy Giles / Ron Ford
Produced by George Stone & Sly Clinton
US Hump 12”

17. Touchdown ‘Ease Your Mind’ (US Remix)
Written by A. Braithwithe / S. Vincent / P.Harmsworth / D.Borg
Produced by Nigel Wright. Mixed by Arthur Baker & Cosmo Wyatt
US Streetwise 12”

18. Xavier ‘Work That Sucker To Death’
Written by T. Phillips / R. Harris / R Hunt Jr / J Mitchell
Produced by Terry Phillips, Rahni Harris & Ted Currier. Mixed by Terry Phillips
US Liberty 12″

19. Patrice Rushen ‘Forget Me Nots’
Written by P. Rushen / F. Washington / T. McFadden
Produced by Charles Mims Jnr & Patrice Rushen
US Elektra 12”

20. Linda Taylor ‘You And Me Just Started’
Written by C. Palmer / L. Taylor
Produced by Chris Palmer
UK Groove 12”

21. Raw Silk ‘Do It To The Music’
Written by Ron Dean Miller / Bert Reid
Produced & Arranged by Ron Dean Miller. Mixed by Nick Martinelli & David Todd
US West End 12”

22. Peech Boys ‘Don’t Make Me Wait’ (Dub Mix)
Written by Peech Boys / R. Bernard Fowler
Produced by Levan / deBenedictus
US West End 12”

23. Klein & MBO ‘Dirty Talk’ (USA Connection Instrumental)
Written by M. Boncaldo & T. Carrasco
Produced by Annunziata S
Italian Zanza 12”

24. Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force ‘Planet Rock’ (Instrumental)
Written by A. Baker / J. Robie / Soul Sonic Force)
Produced & Mixed by Arthur Baker
US Tommy Boy 12”

25. B.B.C.S & A Band ‘Rock Shock’
Written by A. Booth / K. Christian / R. Butler
Produced & mixed by Gary R. Turnier & B.B.C.S. & A & Mark Berry
US Sam 12”

26. Sharon Brown ‘I Specialize In Love’
Written by Golden / Scher
Produced by Eddie O’Loughlin. Mixed by Tee Scott
US Profile 12”

27. Patrice Rushen ‘Number One’
From LP ‘Straight From The Heart’
Written by Patrice Rushen. Produced by Charles Mims Jnr & Patrice Rushen
US Elektra

28. Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five ‘The Message’
Written by E. Fletcher / M. Glover / S. Robinson / J.Chase
Produced by Sylvia Inc. Jiggs Chase & E. Fletcher
US Sugarhill 12”

29. The System ‘It’s Passion’ (Instrumental)
Written by David Frank / Mic Murphy
Produced by David Frank & Mic Murphy
US Mirage 12”

30. Howard Johnson ‘So Fine’
Written by Kashif
Produced by Kashif / Paul Lawrence Jones / Morrie Brown. Mixed by Steve Goldman
US A&M 12”

31. Vicky D ‘This Beat Is Mine’
Written by Andre Booth
Produced by Gary R. Turnier & Andre Booth
US Sam 12”

32. Planet Patrol ‘Rock At Your Own Risk’
Written & Co-Produced by A. Baker & J. Robie
Produced, Arranged & Mixed by Arthur Baker & François Kevorkian
US Tommy Boy 12”

33. The Jammers ‘And You Know That’ (Dub Version)
Written by Richie Weeks / Augustus Temple
Produced by Richie Weeks. Mixed by Shep Pettibone
US Salsoul 12”

34. Gunchback Boogie Band ‘Funn’ (Instrumental)
Written by V. Jackson / A. Bayyan / M. Muhammed / T. Johnson / I. Ross
Produced & Arranged by Adil Bayyan & Amir Bayyan
US Prelude 12”

35. Rafael Cameron ‘Boogie’s Gonna Get Ya’ (Instrumental)
Written by R. Muller
Procuced by Randy Muller. Mixed by François Kevorkian
US Salsoul 12”

36. Al McCall ‘Hard Times’
Written by Arlene / Hill / McCall
Produced by Al McCall. Co-Produced / Mixed by Tee Scott
US West End 12”

37. Willie Hutch ‘In And Out’
Written by Willie Hutch
Produced by Willie Hutch
US Motown 12”

38. George Clinton ‘Loopzilla’
Written by George Clinton
Produced by George Clinton
US Capitol 12”

39. Warp 9 ‘Nunk’ (Instrumental)
Written by Lotti Golden & Richard Scher. Produced by John ‘Jellybean’ Benitez, Lotti Golden & Richard Scher. Mixed by John ‘Jellybean’ Benitez
US Prism 12”

40. Savanna ‘Never Let You Go’
Written by Osbourne / Jacobs / Robinson / Durrant
Produced by Joe Williams. Mixed by Tony Swain & Steve Jolley
UK R&B 12”

41. Gwen Guthrie ‘It Should Have Been You’
Written by Darryl Thompson
Produced by Sly Dunbar, Robbie Shakespeare & Steven Stanley. Mixed by Larry Levan
US Island 12”

42. Steve Arrington’s Hall Of Fame ‘Way Out’
Written by Steve Arrington / Sam Carter
Produced by Steve Arrington Co-Produced by Charles Carter
US Konglather 12”

43. Montana Sextet ‘Heavy Vibes’ (Club Mix)
Written by V. Montana Jr.
Produced by Vincent Montana Jr. Mixed by Paul Simpson
US Philly Sound Works 12”

44. Orbit ‘The Beat Goes On’ (Lunar Mix)
Written by Bono
Produced by Don Was, John Lewis & Jack Tann. Mixed by Don Was & Ken Collier
Canadian Quality 12”

45. Q ‘The Voice Of Q’ (Instrumental)
Written by Bruce Weeden & Michael Forte
Produced by Q
US Philly World 12”

46. Atlantis ‘Keep On Movin’ And Groovin’ (Instrumental)
Written by Royal Bayyan
Produced by Royal Bayyan. Mixed by Tee Scott
US Chaz Ro 12”

47. Evelyn King ‘Love Come Down
Written by Kashif
Produced by Morrie Brown
US RCA 12”

48. Eddie Murphy ‘Boogie In Your Butt’
Written by D. Wolfert / E. Murphy
Produced by David Wolfert
US Columbia 12”

49. Universal Robot Band ‘Barely Breaking Even’ (Instrumental)
Written by Leroy Burgess / James Calloway / Sonny T. Davenport
Produced by Greg Carmichael. Mixed by John Morales
US Moonglow 12”

50. Grover Washington Jr ‘Little Black Samba’
From LP ‘Come Morning’. Written by Grover Washington Jr.
Produced by Grover Washington Jr & Ralph MacDonald.
US Elektra

51. Stone ‘Girl I Like The Way You Move’ (Dub Mix)
Written by A. Gilchrist / D. Terry / D.Howard / R. Nembward. Produced by Auvil Gilchrist. Addition Production & Mixed by Nick Martinelli & David Todd
US West End 12”

52. Sharon Redd ‘Beat The Street’
From LP ‘Redd Hott’
Written By E. Matthew / D. Payne. Produced by Eric Matthew & Darryl Payne
US Prelude

53. Tyrone Brunson ‘The Smurf’
Writen by O. Redding III
Produced by A Redlock Production. Mixed by Tony Humphrey
US Believe In A Dream 12”

54. Secret Weapon ‘Music Be The Music’ (Mastermix)
From LP ‘98.7 Kiss FM Mastermixes’. Written by M. Blackmon & J. Prister
Produced by C. A. Polk & Secret Weapon. Mastermix by Shep Pettibone
US Prelude

55. Was (Not Was) ‘Tell Me That I’m Dreaming’ (Souped-Up Version)
Written by D. Was / D. Was
Produced by Don Was, David Was & Jack Tann
US Island / ZE 12”

56. Shock ‘Electrophonic Phunk’
From LP ‘Waves’. Written by R. Sause / Plass / Snyder / Noble
Produced by Marlon McClaine & Roger Sause
US Fantasy

57. Odyssey ‘Inside Out’
Written by J.Rae
Produced by Jimmy Douglass
US RCA 12”

58. S.O.S. Band ‘High Hopes’
Written by J. Harris / T. Lewis
Produced by Ricky Sylvers & Gene Dozier
US Tabu Records

59. Aurra ‘Make Up Your Mind’
Written by S. Washington / C. Jones / S. Young
Produced by Steve Washington. Mixed by Steve Washington & Julian Robertson
US Salsoul 12”

60. Gilberto Gil ‘Palco’
from LP ‘Luar’
Written by Gilberto Gil. Produced by Liminha
Portuguese WEA

61. Richie Family ‘I’ll Do My Best (For You Baby)’
Written by M.Malavasi / G. Salerni / A.Thornton
Produced by Fred Petrus
US RCA 12”

62. B.T. (Brenda Taylor) ‘You Can’t Have Your Cake And Eat It Too’
Written by R. Cobb / C. Dyson / S. Sanford
Produced by C. Dyson / D. Clayton. Mixed by Nick Martinelli & David Todd
US West End 12”

63. Kleeer ‘Taste The Music’
from LP ‘Taste The Music’. Written by Norman Durham & Woody Cunningham
Produced by Dennis King & Kleeer
US Atlantic

64. Richard Jon Smith ‘Don’t Go Walkin’ Out That Door’
Written by R. J. Smith / J.Weinstein / J. Bithorn
Produced by John Kongos
UK Jive 12”

65. Foreal People ‘Love Begins With You’ (Instrumental)
Written by T.Wallace & J. Shinetti
Produced by T&T Enterprises Unlimited. Mixed by Philip Goldstein
US Tropique 12”

66. High Fashion ‘Feelin’ Lucky Lately’
Written by Romani / Malavasi / Thornton)
Produced by Jacques Fred Petrus & Mauro Malavasi
US Capitol 12”

67. D’Llegance ‘Chanson D’Llegance’
Written by Ian Levine
Produced by Rick Gianatos & Ian Levine. Mixed by Rick Gianatos & Steven Smith
US Airwave 12”

68. BLT ‘Tighten It Up’
Written by J. Boyce & J. Levine
Produced by BLT. Mixed by Jonathan Fearing
US Gold Coast 12”

69. Candela ‘Love You Madly
Written by Earl Toon Jr.
Produced by Amir Bayyan & Adil Bayyan in association with Earl Toon, Jr.
US Arista 12”

70. Malcolm McLaren & The World’s Famous Supreme Team ‘Buffalo Gals’
Written by McLaren / Dudley / Horn
Produced by Trevor Horn
UK Charisma 12”

71. Marvin Gaye ‘Sexual Healing’
Written by M. Gaye / O. Brown
Produced by Marvin Gaye
US Columbia 12”

72. Dr Jeckyll & Mr Hyde ‘The Challenge’
Written by Dr Jeckyll & Mr Hyde
Produced & Mixed by Eric Matthew
US Profile 12”

73. Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five ‘Scorpio’
Written by Furious Five
Produced by Sylvia Inc. & Jigsaw Productions
UK Sugar Hill Records

74. Komiko ‘Feel Alright’
Written by Nicky Braddy
Produced by Gary R. Turner. C0-Produced by Darryl Payne
US SAM 12”

75. Jones Girls ‘Nights Over Egypt’
From LP ‘Get As Much Love As You Can’
Written by D.Wansel / C. Biggs. Produced by Kenneth Gamble
US Philadelphia International

76. Aretha Franklin ‘Jump To It’
Written by Luther Vandross & Marcus Miller
Produced by Luther Vandross
US Arista 12”

77. Ray Barretto ‘Passtime Paradise’
From LP ‘La Cuna’
Written by Stevie Wonder. Produced by Creed Taylor

78. Dr Jeckyll & Mr Hyde ‘Genius Of Love’ (Instrumental)
Written by Tom Tom Club
Produced by Eric Matthew
US Profile 12”

79. Gwen McCrae ‘Keep The Fire Burning’
Written by Willie Hutch
Produced by Webster Lewis
US Atlantic 12”

80. Bootsy Collins ‘Body Slam’
Written by Bootsy Collins & Joel Johnson
Produced by Bootsy Collins. Mixed by Nick Martinelli & David Todd
US Warner Bros. 12”

81. Amuzement Park ‘Groove Your Blues Away’
Written by Paul Richmond / Darryl Ellis / Dunn Pearson, Jr.
Produced by Dunn Pearson, Jr.
US Our Gang Entertainment 12”

82. The Armed Gang ‘All I Want’
Written by  F. Botta, Sangy & T. Valor
Produced by Sangy Productions. Mixed by Herbert Csasznik / Tony Valor / Chris Scott
US Chaz Ro 12”

83. Wanda Walden ‘I Must Be Dreamin”
Written by Randy Jackson / Wanda Walden
Produced by Randy Jackson
US Elektra 12”

84. New Jersey Connection ‘Love Don’t Come Easy’
Written by E. Saunders
Produced by Eddie Saunders
US Carnival 12”

85. Mike & Brenda Sutton ‘Don’t Let Go Of Me (Grip My Hips And Move Me)’
Written by Mike & Brenda Sutton
Produced & Arranged by Mike & Brenda Sutton. Mixed by Shep Pettibone
US Sam 12”

86. Fat Larrys Band ‘Act Like You Know’
Written by N. Martinelli / M. Birts / T. Price
Produced by Larry James & Nick Martinelli
US WMOT Records

87. Brass Construction ‘Can You See The Light’
Written by Randy Muller
Produced by Randy Muller
US Liberty 12”

88. War ‘You Got The Power’
Written by H. Brown / H. Scott / J. Goldstein / L. Oskar / L. Rabb / S. Allen
Produced by Jerry Goldstein & Lonnie Jordan
US RCA 12”

89. B. B. & Q Band ‘Imagination’
Written by Kea Williams
Produced by Jacques Fred Petrus
US Capitol 12”

90. Cameo ‘Just Be Yourself’
From LP ‘Alligator Woman’
Written by C. Singleton / L. Blackmon / T. Jenkins. Produced by Larry Blackmon
US Chocolate City

91. Jonzun Crew ‘Pack Jam (Look Out For The OVC)’ (Instrumental)
Written by M. Jonzun / M. Starr
Produced by Michael Jonzun & Maurice Starr. Mixed by John ‘Jellybean’ Benitez
US Tommy Boy 12”

92. Gary’s Gang ‘Knock Me Out’
Written by E. Matthew / B. Catalano
Produced by Eric Matthew. Mixed by Eric Matthew & Nick Chiusano
US Radar 12”

93. Deodato ‘Keep On Movin’
From LP ‘Happy Hour’
Written by Eumir Deodato. Produced by Eumir Deodato
US Warner Bros.

94. Nighthawk ‘Eye Of The Tiger’ (Souped-Up Instrumental Version)
Written by Frankie Sullivan / Jim Peterik. Produced by Bruce Nazarian & Jerry Q. Jones
Mixed by Bruce Nazarian, Jerry Q. Jones, Ken Collier & Warren D. Woods Jr.
Canadian Quality 12”

95. Michael Wycoff ‘Looking Up To You’
From LP ‘Love Conquers All’
Written by L. Ware / Z. Grey. Produced by Webster Lewis

96. The Bang Gang ‘Fill Me Up’
Written by R.A. Rodriguez / J. McElwaine)
Produced by Raul A. Rodriguez / Jim McElwaine / Mark Berry. Mixed by Mike Arato
US Sugarscoop 12”

97. Maxine Singleton ‘Don’t You Love It’
Written by Curtis Hudson
Produced by Pure Energy Inc. Mixed by Steve Jerome
US Peter Pan Artists Series / Emergency 12”

98. Eazy ‘Project Funk’
Written by Darryl Payne. Produced by Darryl Payne & Danny Weiss.
Mixed by Mark Berry, Darryl Payne & Danny Weiss
US Vanguard 12”

99. Melba Moore ‘Love’s Comin’ At Ya’
Written by Paul Lawrence Jones III
Produced & Arranged by Paul Lawrence Jones III, Kashif & Morrie Brown
US EMI America 12”

100. Wreckin’ Crew ‘Chance To Dance’
Written by M. Avery & W. Crosby
Produced by the Crew & J. Porter
US Erect 12”




Prelude x 6




West End x 6




Capitol x 4




Chaz Ro x 3




Elektra x 3




Profile x 3




RCA x 3




Salsoul x 3




SAM x 3




Tommy Boy x 3





Eric Matthew x 7 (4 with Darryl Payne)




Darryl Payne x 5 (1 with Danny Weiss, 4 with Eric Matthew)




Arthur Baker x 3 (1 with François Kevorkian)






Tee Scott x 5




Arthur Baker x 4 (1 with  Cosmo Wyatt, 1 with John ‘Jellybean’ Benitez, 1 with Francois Kevorkian)




François Kevorkian x 4 (1 with Hubert Eves III and 1 with Arthur Baker)




Nick Martinelli & David Todd x4




Shep Pettibone x 4




© Greg Wilson, December 2012

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